Auf der Arbeit darf ich leider keine Jeans oder Turnschuhe tragen - daher wird das am Wochenende immer richtig schön ausgenutzt. 

Kommt bald!
I'm not allowed to wear jeans or trainers at work so as soon as the weekend bells are ringing, I throw my current favorite mom-jeans and a comfy pair of reebok sneakers on. I don't mind having a more 'chic and casual' vibe going on during the week but as a fashion enthusiast, I feel like I do need some CHANGE every now and then. Anyone with me on that? 
A few weeks ago I went to H&M and got this jeans and jumper for only 30€ (there was some kind of campaign going on). Honestly, H&M has some really good stuff at the moment. I haven't been shopping there for a while because for some reason I just didn't enjoy their fashion anymore. But at the moment, they are really killing it.
Also, what do you think about those glasses? I was on the hunt for these FOR AGES and luckily I found the last pair at a specs shop in berlin. They are definitely different from what I got in the past but I thought 'hey, why not trying something more unique'.

Jacket / Petit Bateau
Sweater / H&M (currently on sale)
Mom Jeans / H&M 
Beanie / Asos, similar here
Sneakers / Reebok Club C85
Glasses / Retrosuperfuture